OFF BEAT & DOABLE: Wearing socks with heels

Wearing socks for fashion

What does one do with all those beautiful pair of socks,over the knee,novelty or embellish ones?If not wear them with a favorite pair of trainers ,sandals as street style fashion has been lately or high heels (like in this case)to add that personal/street touch to any outfit.

I have worn over the knees socks since my college days. And back then, I remember my friends looking at me like ‘What on earth is she wearing?Well,it clearly has not change .The only difference now is that no one really cares that much,they will stare and maybe compliment you since it can be seen as a little over the the top,but move on…

How to find your personal style

You really have to be in touch with your fashion and creative side to just wear socks with high heels or on a normal summer day with a dress in London.But luckily for me, I am all about that creative life so I won’t even justify myself.

Wearing socks for fashion

So for this outfit,I wanted something quite dramatic yet feminine.This dress,with printed and colorful details, just had the right amount of preppy finish to it.So I added the matching studded jacket to give an overall dramatic look.

This then brings me to ask you; will you ever wear socks with your outfit?And I am not talking about the traditional ankle socks with trainers when heading for the gym .But the over the knees and fashionable ones?

Please comment below and let me know your thoughts.

Jacket;Zara(try this)/Dress;Mela Loves London /Socks;ASOS /Shoes;Kurt Keiger /Belt;Vintage

Wearing socks for fashionWearing socks for fashionHow to find your personal style



  1. 26/08/2016 / 12:46 am

    This is so inspiring! I love the post:)