Afrochic Self portraits

portait.1jpgThis week is something totally different.A serie of head shoots my friend helped me take in the comfort of my kitchen.It is just amazing how many expressions we can make and how they can all translate differently to people aroud us.I probably have the worst resting face.Unless I am smiling,I either look upset or hungry or both(hangry=hungry and angry,lol).But nooo it’s just my afrochic resting face.

Also notice how in my pictures,I tend to look so serious when in fact in life it’s the complete opposite.The third picture probably decsirbe me best.And that is why I decided this year,I will start making styling videos as they really helps interact better with others,So working on my videos though I know how challenging it will be,wish me good luck.xx

Jacket;Vintage similar here / Jumper;H&M / Bangles;Market

Afrochic Potrait

Afrochic Potraitselfie6jpg