Hi there !

I am Cecile Essono,style blogger, fashion stylist and self-titled Afro chic Queen 😉 .From Cameroon ,who made London a home for the past 6 years.
As a child ,I used to make clothes for my dolls and I was very good at it…So I thought, when I grow up I wanted to become the greatest fashion designer Cameroon has never known .But unfortunately in my country,creative jobs usually don’t take one very far in life.
Years later and now in London, which is an amazing city where fashion is at its epitome, I have had the opportunity to meet wonderful creative friends and mentors who inspired me and believe in my dream and use fashion as an armor of beauty and confidence to conquer my fears and uncover my true character and what I stand for. This important step in my life  led me to become a fashion stylist,creative director ,blogger here on Modebycece.com where I am constantly challenging style & fashion, which is forever evolving. I am also now on YouTube to provide my wise audience with  weekly fashion updates.
Thank you for paying attention and please don’t hesitate to contact me if you ever need help to unleash that fashion genius who probably is sleeping somewhere in you.