I often get the question of what does a fashion stylist actually do?

I will start by saying  that fashion styling regroups different professions such as  personal stylist, personal shopper, session stylist, style director… A fashion stylist job usually consists of

  • analyzing seasonal fashion trends to remain up to date
  • Being the lead stylist on a set and coordinate the whole styling team.
  • Collaborating with photographers on specific photo shoot setting and fashion choices.
  • Developing and maintaining relationships with designers and fashion labels in order to have access to a exclusive wardrobe options.
 I  also  had times where I had to assist a senior stylist for an editorial publication or a brand campaign. One aspect of the job was the picking and returns of fashion items from all the PR houses, which I am not going to lie was a very tedious task. Imagine yourself during London rush hour,  carrying anything from very heavy and delicate items to sparse  locations all over London. Glamorous jobs carry many ungrateful tasks that are nonetheless critical to a smooth running of operations.  It’s part of the unsaid in the industry.
Generally for photo shoots I wear a smart casual look as I tend to be standing up  all the time, so comfort is essential.
For this particular work,which was few months ago at Westminster college about a femme fatal portfolio for a client.Showcasing the woman who exudes sensuality,who is sporty,chic and unstoppable…Hope to share the final result with you soon.