Warm colors

Styling high boots and warm colors

Hey guys this is an outfit I wore just before winter.I love colors so I never shy away from them,I actually encourage and recommend my friends and clients to be a little more cheerful and dare to try new things with their style.

I don’t know if I will ever be one of those who swear by black or neutral tones.As I love bright colors too much,I think they just represent my personality and me as a person.I have been told I’m bold and confident,so if my style can speak without the need of me saying anything.Why not?

Shirt;H&M Try this /Jeans;River Island (similar) / Boots;Try this

Styling-high-boots-and-warm-shades-R4Styling-high-boots-and-warm-shades-R1 Styling-high-boots-and-warm-shades-R2 Styling-high-boots-and-warm-shades-R3 Styling high boots and warm shades-11R Styling-high-boots-and-warm-shades-10R


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