I was asked to work for the Screen Nation Awards as a general stylist this year, precisely last Sunday. Styling the screen nation awards with Idriss Elba winning on the night. Duties were to overview everything from hairstyling to the makeup of the models. Plus their fashion styling. Using Nzingha accessories, Massassbi skirts, and Angela corsets designs.

styling the screen nation awards

So first for work, I was dressed very casually.Then for the show, I changed into an ensemble of matching silk prints top and skirt I scored from MinkPink and the Jimmy Choo I have literary been killing lately and loaded the outfit in accessories (as usual).

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What I have noticed so far in my styling journey is; every time I thought I scored a big gig, an even bigger opportunity came along. I am simply getting used to one challenging task after another and learning along.It also shows me how much perseverance having the right attitude is really the key.And as much as I love and value what I do.Being recognised is always encouraging.

styling the screen nation awards

Models: Fiona and Farah.

So, on the day; I was in charge of 8 girls. With 2, responsible for receiving and greeting the guests and celebrities amount which was: Idriss Alba who won an award, Joanna Jarjue, finalist of this year apprentice who also won an award and so many others.

styling the screen nation awards

With Joanna Jarjue

The Screen Nation Awards was the first and remains the most culturally diverse televised film & TV awards show in Europe and showcases the best black British and international film & TV talent.

Over the years guests, winners and presenters have included: Morgan Freeman, Danny Glover, Spike Lee, Idris Elba, Sir Lenny Henry CBE, Moira Stuart, Amma Asante, Naomie Harris, Angela Griffin, Angellica Bell, Terrence Howard, Jamie Foxx, David Oyelewo, Chiwetel Ejiofor, David Harewood, Sophie Okonedo, Jamelia, Alicia Dixon and Noel Clarke to name but a few.

styling the screen nation awards

Idriss Elba receiving his award

styling the screen nation awards

With Presenter and personality Kelechi Okafor.

styling the screen nation awards

With Vicky Ngari Wilson.

Inline image

With Bev Quintai, creator of Nzingha accessories

styling the screen nation awards


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