I MADE IT INTO THE FASHION ISSUE OF stylist magazine… The big reveal.

They say:  if your dreams don’t scare you, then you aren’t dreaming big enough.

Well, my dream life since Cameroon has always been the’ UGLY BETTY‘ type of lifestyle. With me being Betty, but with a Wilhemina confidence and style.

So, for the past few years, and at this stage of my life, I can say with confidence, I am living the dream! My Dream! 

It is not always pink or glamorous but I am happy to create a life that challenges me to be my best. I came, I saw, I am conquering; one magzine at a time.

All this to say, I made it to the SPRING/SUMMER issue of Stylist magazine.

Stylist Magazine is my weekly favorite read. I can totally relate to the issues raised. But as a stylist, I have always wanted my work to be featured in. Fast forward, here I am as my own person and my style.

How did this happen?: Stylist magazine puts an announce out at the end of 2018. That, an Art project in collaboration with the artist Paula ZUCCOTTI  was coming out in Spring 2019. To which More than 300 women applied to take part in, but only 10 were chosen.

               ( My wardrobe above and my bio on the right corner)

And out of the 10 chosen, only 4 were going to make it to the magazine issue. Whew! well, well, well…  First, I made it to the magazine among the 4 women, I also had a double spread page about my wardrobe and what Afrochic represents for me. The documentary behind; filmed by the artist and her team, will be playing twice a day for a month at the Biennale.

I am just grateful to be on this journey. So excited for the future. And big thank you to Paula Zuccotti and Stylist Magazine for showcasing my Afrochic style and vision.

Shooting day, at Paula’s house