This week as an office outfit, why not try a smart pencil dress? Office Outfit

Going to work or simply choosing an outfit for a corporate event can be quite daunting for some.

I layered one of my favourite shirt with a pencil dress. Though I initially thought the green colour was a bit too vibrant, The jacket had to help tone it down.

However, as the creative bubble that I am, I matched the dress with some pattern heels and added a statement piece on my neck.


Office Outfit Office Outfit Office Outfit



how to be a Fashion stylist-How to wear a Denim shirt

The last few weeks have been some of the busiest. With a big editorial photo shoot to prepare, energy.I had a lot of runnings and needed energy.

After receiving the mood board, I started liaising back and forth with the showrooms I was going to work with.And as soon as everything was confirmed, I fixed the dates for the pickings. On the day, this is the outfit I wore as the day was going to be long. Therefore comfortability was imperative.

This patched denim shirt and pleated skirt was the good match for modern meets vintage and added the converse as an essential for the run.On the day, I also vlogged so watch out for a video coming soon on my youtube channel.xx

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how to be a Fashion stylist-How to wear a Denim shirthow to be a Fashion stylist-How to wear a Denim shirthow to be a Fashion stylist-How to wear a Denim shirt


how-to-style-stripes-afrochic So  I went to lunch by the Canal with a friend the other day,  and I absolutely wanted to look the part and match the scenery.I went on for a total stripes look.

I wore a just below knee flared skirt, nicely fitted around the waist and very wide at the bottom .Made of a  lightweight cotton so just perfect for a sunny or hot weather.
I also had a round neck shirt with its opposite stripes details on the sleeves which was overall of a loose fit,also made of cotton and can easily be styled with more items than one.

how-to-style-stripes-afrochic Striped shirts were originally sailor uniforms.As they were designed to help distinguish the sailor from the wave so you could find them more easily if/when they fell over.Back then,a lot of French navy were from Great Britain.So they called the shirt;Breton and displayed 21 stripes.One for each Napoleon’s victories against the British.And since then(1930’s) Breton stripes have become a real fashion staple.

 So there you have it!! a naval clothing turned into a wardrobe staple by the French. how-to-style-stripes-afrochic3 Note of Caution : When wearing a Breton stripe, remember wearing head to toe stripes can easily make you look bigger than you are or like a Zebra,well except if that’s the look you are going for.So if you aren’t too sure,one stripy item at the time is all you need for the Breton look.But if you are bold enough to wear more than one stripy item,there should be a little clash in colors or size of the stripes.
Additional tip: Breton stripes absolutely look great with denim distressed jeans or just a complimentary plain color.So I let me know how you will be styling your stripes.
Shirt;Boden /Skirt;Market /Shoes;Topshop