In no particular order, here are the designers who made me appreciate African fashion, even more, this year. I was very much looking forward to the best of Africa Fashion Week 2018. With the Africa Fashion Week London platform becoming the biggest in Europe showcasing over 800 emerging designers & exhibitors, from Africa, Europe, and America, to almost 70,000 visitors and is now a highlight on the annual fashion calendar in London.

 What I like about AFWL, it brings value to designers through, contacts, experience, and knowledge within the fashion community. Where for this year, I got to meet so many friends and just catch up and truthfully I had a blast.



GaniyatAfrica Fashion week London- Ganiyat


One of the designers whose take on the wax fabric I thought was very refreshing, is Ganiyat. I liked her contemporary approach and the minimal mix of Ankara and linen; very Summer appropriate indeed.

Here is how I would love to keep seeing Ankara being worn. Especially if one is shy to go wax altogether.



With the designer Afrodite; for the first time, I saw Dashiki designed on silk. I posted it on my story on Instagram and many of you liked it.

So do you think this, right here is the future of Dashiki?



Baoba Brasil

I am not a big Kimono wearer but the take of Baoba brazil on the Kimono was rather impressive and actually smart. Now, you won’t have to worried about the sleeves being extra long, since they are both linked to the waist. And on the right, my friend Howey killed it on the catwalk. Remember him from our video HERE?



Let’s talk about Preline, a Zimbabwean fashion designer. This collection was definitely one of THE BEST OF AFRICA FASHION WEEK 2018 for me. I found it fresh, cool and just right up to the younger crowd street.

I will absolutely buy those boots once they are ready. And plus, the models did not disappoint: They were just so fierce. Do you ladies and gentlemen share my enthusiasm on this collection?

Becca Apparel


I loved how Becca Apparel matched her prints, it very much reminds me of Stella Jean .


Evelyne Babin

Evelyne BabinEvelyne Babin

Remember Evelyne Bambi from the graduate Fashion post? She was at the AFW and killed it like last time. I really can’t wait to work with her. ( Watch this space)!

Evelyne Babin

Evelyne BabinEvelyne Babin


Abby LewisAbby Lewis

Designer from Tanzania, I was very impressed by the quality of her fabric. Because this is what I am talking about when I say: Afrochic. I would like to see more diversity in African Fashion whether it is in the style or in the genre of indigenous fabrics we make. We have these abilities. Let’s showcase them to the world.

On that note, please share your favorites designers or looks above with me and for more designers who showcased among the best at African Fashion Week 2018, click Here 

All pictures, courtesy of SDR PHOTO





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