THROWBACK THURSDAY: Styling a tulle skirt

Most women I know won’t even look at a tulle skirt while shopping as it is something considered either childish or fairy tale princess type of thing.But I actually don’t think so.Especially with fashion nowadays so fast forward we can literally wear anything we want without being labelled or stared at.

I recently bought this tulle ¬†skirt and I can’t stop wearing.It is just so effortlessly classy and girly.But had to put my afrochic stamp on it.As below I wore it with a patched denim shirt which gave it a 90s flair.then with the multi color jumper which was more of a casual fit and finally a classy look in the last one.

So do you think a tulle skirt is something you could wear or is it just a no-no for you?What are your views on this?

Tulle skirt;try this / Denim shirt;similar / Brown tank top;Vero Modablush3 blblush