Street smart


I think it’s important to buy items that can be worn in different ways.One of my favourite is probably this white short sleeves shirt.I have had it for years and wore it countless times.It just goes with nearly anything from trousers,to skirts and even some dresses.And can be layered during any¬†season of the year.

For this look, I wanted something casual and a little street.Therefore instead of wearing the usual white one,I layered it with a bandeau shirt to have this final top .Then Paired it with a distressed pair of jeans and the silver sort of creepers trainers for comfort.

So if I can give you a little style trick,it is to invest in a plain white shirt,long or short sleeves.Which ever one you prefer, as they can easily be dressed up or down.Do you think you will give the white shirt layering a go?

Shirt;Gap (Try this) / Jeans;Topshop / Shoes;Bershka

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