This year again, I attended Africa Fashion Week London which is a global platform for African inspired designers.Having  showcased over 850 emerging designers & exhibitors, from Africa, Europe and America

When I started attending, a few years back, it was mostly for entertainment purposes but now that my styling work is getting more and more established:

I am attending Africa Fashion Week for:

  1. Meet and catch up with my fashion friends
  2. See what’s trendy or will be trending
  3. Discover and connect with new designers
  4. Do research for my next big write up
  5. Get more designs for my future lookbooks.
  6. Or simply network with the “who is who in the industry”


On the picture above, actually featured on their newsletter (below) was the situation of catch up

Africa Fashion Week London

For my outfit, I opted for a mustard pair of shorts that I first wore in this lookbook on my youtube.Then I matched it with a golden silk top that has an easy glam feel to it.Then complimented with perplex heels boot, massive choker and bangles were definitely on the menu too.

Watch the live backstage video  HERE

And feel free to shop the look here or similar below.

Africa Fashion Week London

Africa Fashion Week London

Africa Fashion Week London

If you missed the live shows this year.Catch all the looks here:


Last week, I had the pleasure to attend the GlamAfrica Ball at the Pall Mall Clubhouse situated in the heart of Mayfair.

Glam Africa is a magazine I have been working with and styling since the beginning of their journey. It has  grown and is found on various media platforms which operate in four countries (Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa and the UK)

Created by Chioma Onwutalobi, CEO of Glam Africa magazine who wanted a platform to put Africa on the map and tell its story to the world through Glam Africa.

(See Chioma below in black and sequins dress).

Her story inspired her to support Aleto Foundation in empowering other young ones from the disadvantaged backgrounds as they move on in their career by matching them with successful mentors and through their training programs.

It was great to catch up with so many colleagues and friends.From Ezininne from CEO dancers to the artist JonBaptxte.

For the night, I wore a tulle skirt plus a white shirt, then added the fitted sequins jacket for the glam effect and red pumps for a dash of colours.Also, I won the best hair of the night with Ezinne, I guess the grey hair had a winning glam Effect.

Shop the look or similar below:

Summer wedding outfit
 I had the pleasure to slightly stressed about what was going to be my Sumer Wedding outfit again this year.Throw back to last year, what stroked me then, was how everyone was so concerned about the color and the style palette they were going to wear.To the point, one of my friends who was also an invitee to the wedding, spend the night before the wedding at the tailor’s studio, because the dress she decided to wear was not fully sewn up to her standard.
When it comes to looks and styles, especially for Summer weddings, Most women tend to opt for a flowery, sparkly dressing.With quite delicate colors. Pale and creamy colors are also quite popular. Oddly, last year I noticed a lot of black, to my big surprise actually, because I didn’t’ even know wearing black to a wedding was allowed…I personally know I couldn’t, especially for a day time Summer wedding.
Fast forward, for last weekend wedding, I was determined to stay away from the wedding trends I noticed so far.But here was the dilemma: I didn’t want anything sexy nor anything too tight or too short.I wanted comfort, prints, and colors.So when I stumbled upon this skirt while shopping, I knew it was the one.Though a very casual skirt, I had to find a way to make it look like I was actually attending a wedding/ glamorous event and not just a day out with the girls.
Summer Wedding Outfit
Finding an appropriate top was the challenging part because every other shirt just made it look even more casual.Until I found this printed blouse.
So Here was the final look where Oasis dots skirt met blue sky prints blouse from Warehouse with the beloved golden Prada shoes. Comfort was a 10/10 and we danced happily ever all night.
Ps: Please share with me what are your go to wedding outfits for different seasons.

By the way, I vlogged throughout that day, so please subscribe to my Youtube channel to be notified when I upload the video.

Summer Wedding Outfit

For and collaboration, Check my Fashion Styling Portfolio.Here



Hi there, here is an easy step by step video on how to turn your Tshirt into an off shoulders top.

Mamke sure you share with me if you will be trying.

TShirt to off shoulders top