COLORFUL LIFE: Orange is the new black


Wearing orange with orange,how risky! But I like to think we are all unique;some in a creative ways, some in other ways. 

I wore this total orange look and the TV program ‘Orange is the new black’ directly came to my mind as colours are my black anyway.And if you look closer, you will notice the little cups details on the shirt, how cool are they?Then I added the hat to have that cool vintage look,plus that green car at the back was just at the right place for the ultimate colour combination and contrast.

Shirt;Gap (Try this one) /Shorts & shoes;Zara

VIOLETA.SOFIA.Modemamor_062015-57 VIOLETA.SOFIA.Modemamor_062015-56 VIOLETA.SOFIA.Modemamor_062015-55 VIOLETA.SOFIA.Modebycece2 VIOLETA.SOFIA.Modemamor_062015-45Re VIOLETA.SOFIA.Modebycece3 VIOLETA.SOFIA.Modemamor_062015-47Re