MODE BY CECE: Pastel wear

Fall Pastel

Finally have my blog up and running again.This time under MODE BY CECE.I just thought it was time for a change.My previous blog MODEMAMOR.COM had some technical issues that were just beyond my reach and I put so much efforts and work into it for the past 2 years that it was really annoying and quite painful to let it go.But hopefully I will soon be able to redirect all my old all content here.

It was really time for new beginnings and MODE BY CECE just sounded right.As I plan on taking my styling abilities into a level slightly out of my usual comfort zone.Time to make it into something I never even dreamed of.So welcome to MODE BY CECE,my new fashion and styling blog(previously MODEMAMOR.COM).Sit down and enjoy the the ride,I mean the style.

So about this outfit,I wore it during better days weather and just went all out for the pastel mood.I have had these pair of shorts since ages but never really wore them as they practically show my bum cheeks if I don’t walk properly.So I wanted to wear them in a way that wouldn’t be like’Here I am check my bum’type of outfit.So I dressed them up by adding a loose denim shirt and the blazer to make the look more casual yet comfortable and little classy.

So excited for this new beginning,please subscribe and let me know what you think of the styling,xxFall PastelStyling high boots and warm shades-3Styling high boots and warm shadesStyling high boots and warm shades-7Styling high boots and warm shades-2Styling high boots and warm shades-8