London Fashion Week Mens.Happy New year dear readers. Starting the year with nothing less than London Fashion Week Men. That I attended for the first time last week.  I love men garments as they always seem to have classy cuts, durable materials, and neat finishes. Men’s fashion was not a priority of mine so far. But after working with some great clients last year, this fashion week was a perfect way forward refreshing and updating my knowledge of men’s fashion.London Fashion week Men/Modebycece

The shows took place in The Store Studios at 180 Strand which is the hub for activity during London Fashion Week Men’s. The venue houses the main BFC Show Space & Presentation space on the ground floor while the Designer Showrooms including ready-to-wear and accessories & DiscoveryLAB are located on the first floor.London Fashion week Men

After London Fashion Week Mens the shows, we attended an incredible presentation by Drifters. But what I loved the most, was the invitees’ sense of style. Probably one of the most fashionable party and the most creative crowd I have met under one roof so far.

London Fashion week Men/Modebycece

  What I loved about her, was everything from her entry to her outfit and her allure.Literally, this look, made me fall in love with fashion and creativity all over again. I mean that latex Kimono is just genius, those micro glasses, the red satin boots, the faux fur and that corset ohh!! She gave me life as they will say on Instagram.
London Fashion week Men

If I had this white puffer jacket, I would be able to go through this winter without complaint. I absolutelya\ loved her 90’s vibes. I will link some similar below

London Fashion week Men/Modebycece

London Fashion week Mens

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