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I remember that when I was in primary school, smart andwearing glasses was something fashionable because you considered smart and being smart was cool in Cameroon.The logic behind it, is that smart people were always reading to get more knowledgeable therefore they needed glasses to always keep reading…Now that I am older, I am not sure if that logic for wearing glasses still stands.

A few weeks ago though, I had a very important meeting with the CEO of a creative company who inquired about my content placement services and I wanted to wear a creative & Smart women entrepreneur look.For it,I wore a velvet blazer on top of my new favourite Yves Saint Laurent cotton shirt,which only comes out of my wardrobe for very important meetings .To emulate the overall modern chic vintage look and to compliment the blazer,I paired it with a flowers splash printed skirt which always reminds me of a painting.Then I added a triple chain  vintage belt to define the waist with all the layers.For the shoes,I opted for the beloved Casadei ankle boots,w hich always add a bit of an edge to any look .
last but not least I needed a pair of glasses to put the final touch on my look. I embarked on a browsing crusade on the internet, determined to look for a cool and affordable pair of correction glasses. When I came across ‘ ‘, I was not sure they had exactly what I was looking for but their user-friendly website and headline prices looked compelling.
While browsing, I was given the option to upload a selfie and virtually try on my potential future pair of glasses. I found this feature really useful to make the right choice online and it was actually a pretty funny experience. Furthermore,  if you don’t have a selfie, or just too lazy to upload your picture or concerned about privacy, you have the choice to use a selection of other faces you can to try your glasses. I will recommend the selection of  a face with a similar bone structure to yours,  so you can have a good idea of the final result. Considering eyeglasses are very personal or that prescription sunglasses are usually being worn for a while, it’s  very important to carefully choose them. The Team at glasses has made a great job at making the online selection process very transparent and smooth.
 I ended up ordering the Peekskill -Burgundy/Clear Eyeglasses which cost $32.95 (USD). Due to the fact, the company is US-based, I had to convert prices to pounds using
My eyeglasses online cost the reasonable price of £26. The eyeglasses is very light and made of high quality acetate. It’s a slightly retro eye wear with a firm keyhole bridge and round lenses. I  loved the mix of gradient colours detail that adds fun and dynamism to its vintage style. It comes with a clear Protective case and a microfiber cleaning cloth.
I love to provide feed-back to online stores. I feel that is a way to empower them to improve their offer but mostly to give them at least an opportunity to do so. As I provided active feed-back to on topics such as delivery time, packaging and price, they asked me if I would be okay to do a review for them. I gladly agreed and I even got carried away and decided to shoot a small video commercial where I am obviously the guest model.

 As a gift for the review, they agreed to offer my readers a special coupon code GSHOT50.This code means that you guys can have 50% off on eyeglasses and sunglasses with free lenses(sale frames excluded).

 Peekskill -Burgundy Glasses: GlassesShop ( here )