Hot Right Now: Koba.Siani

As much as I like a good high street find or to indulge in my favorite high-end brands, another design sector I can’t stop praising is the up and coming designers. Because of the amount of work and dedication they put into delivering the best to their clients.

I recently discovered Koba Siani who is a new Stuttgart, Germany based Afrochic/ Streetwear brand. I was lucky enough to be sent some pieces to style.Among which was, this wax lipstick sweatshirt( Styled below), a headband and the Ankara skirt.

Without further ado, I can reveal that as my lovely reader you receive 10% off the whole shop, Koba.Siani, just use the code CECILIA10 at the checkout.Thank me later when you receive your item 🙂

Hot right now : Koba.Siani

What I really liked the most, was the personal touches from the moment I received my package. All clothing, delicately wrapped in soft white paper and the quality of the items themselves made of 100% organic cotton. I was really impressed by the make and finishing, of the sweatshirt, fitting as if it was made to measure(very happy Cece here!).Thus By far, the comfiest and most stylish I own at the moment.

Additionally, I wanted to find out more about the designer herself and her journey, knowing how challenging the fashion industry can be and what inspired to start Koba Siani.

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Hot right now : Koba.Siani

Cece: How long has the brand been out? 

Birgit.Siani: I founded Koba.Siani in November 2017, so it is just the beginning of my journey! Since summer 2017 my little daughter also goes to the kindergarten half day, so my mornings are to prepare everything for the online shop.

-What inspired you to start the brand and what have been the challenges so far?

I studied fashion design and I worked as a fashion designer in the industry for different companies for 7 years. I have always loved bold colors and prints. Then I got to know my husband in 2004 who brought me back some wax prints sent by my brother-in-law from Cameroon. One of which I used for my graduation collection. Since, Koba.Siani was born. Though I concentrated on my family, I also knew that having a business of my own would be the next step I call it my 3rd baby 😉

Hot right now : Koba.Siani

-What inspired your designs/Collections?

I take my inspiration from the latest fashion trends, online or in magazines. Then I mix it up with African wax prints. I always scan any fashion inspiration with the question in my mind: “can I do this in wax print”? Another big inspiration for me is materials and fabrics. I love going through fabric stores, touch the fabrics, look at all the colors and combine them. Then ideas come very easily.

-What is the future of KobaSiani?

First I want to get known by my customers. So much of marketing work is my plan for 2018!
Then I would like to enlarge my collection. More exciting styles for my customers! For the next season, there will be wax print swimwear, for example. At the moment I’m working on an African dirndl (Bavarian dress). which is really a big trend in Germany! And I could see myself doing some exclusive evening wear one day too.
My dream is to produce in Cameroon one day.
Hot right now : Koba.Siani

-What main fabrics or quality do you use and why?

With quality being very important to me, the main fabric used is African wax-print, of course! I LOVE prints and colors. I prefer the 100 % cotton.  For quality check, I always pre-wash them. In general, if possible, I use organic cotton. fabrics with high natural fiber content are my favorite. But again, this always depends on the fabric/ garment price and also the design as it can all get quite pricey. For example, if  The chiffon part of my top is in polyester , silk would be much too expensive! Or the bikinis will be in polyamide/elasthan as nobody wants a cotton bikini :-). With every garment, I do a wearing and a washing test before it gets a part of the Koba.Siani collection.

Another Bonus about Koba.Siani : she offers products which are very specific. For example, you can choose out of a big print range, and she will make alternations that suits your respective measurements. whether you are too short or too tall, Koba.Siani got you coved And all items are “made in Germany”.

More designs here: KOBA.SIANI.COM   
Hot right now : Koba.Siani