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Every Accessory Sold On CeceFinery tells A Stylish Cultural Story.African Fashion to Afrochic

Bright Future: From African Fashion to Afrochic

No one could have imagined the unpreceded challenges we face in 2020. The world as we know it is on pause.
Many have lost their loved ones, others their jobs. And of course, many businesses are struggling.
It has even risk dampening the excitement of this project that my team and I have been working on for the past two years. With market researches focused on African Fashion; done domestically and internationally.

Getting to know more about our African history and how African fashion as we know it came to be. Why some Africans like myself, didn’t pay much attention to our cultural fashion and identity, despite being born and brought up in Cameroon, Central Africa.

This is where Afrochic comes in. That cross-cultural meeting point between Western fashion and pride in our African roots: Fashion, music, food.

I invite everyone to be part of this movement. One I believe is on time to provide some eco-friendly comfort during this global crisis. opened its digital doors in March 2020. One week before the lockdown came into effect in the UK. This wasn’t how my team and I had visualized our first month of launching a new business. But we are determined to make the best of it. Despite these troubling and uncertain times, the excitement in sharing this Afrochic journey with you remains as strong as it has ever been.
African Accessories- Eco Friendly accessories

From African FASHION TO Afrochic: Why the need ? will focus on limited editions, hand made, high-quality clothing and accessories made by designers who care about preserving the original traditional ways of African fashion which involve many handwoven, hand-dyed and recycled fabrics. Combining everything from the most basic materials to the most regal elements of the African lifestyle, with an edgier international twist to its styling.
This makes Afrochic incredibly sustainable and environment-friendly; hence Cecefinery Conscious. Which is very much needed for today’s socio-political climate for us and for the well being of mother earth.

” On, we want every design to tell a stylish cultural story. We want to educate and engage with the fashion-forward thinker. Every month, we will introduce you to Afrochic designs and those who make this happen.”

With that, we invite you to have a look at our introductory selection of accessories with an offer of 15% off all our designs
Share with a friend, and let’s build this community not only to preserve the African or inspired makings heritage but to also save our planet from further harming while being super stylish doing it.

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*Every design sold on tells a cultural story.