Christmas Outfit Ideas


Merry Christmas everyone!!The celebration season is the perfect excuse to dress and look fabulous whether you are going to a party ,a dinner or just staying at home.Here are few outfits ideas I put together and as a Christmas plus there is a video that comes with it too.So check it out and let me know what you will be wearing this Christmas.

For this first look,we know with all that glitter during Christmas,there is no way we wouldn’t want to join the party by looking extra jazzy in this high neck dress.The off shoulder details help to keep the length and sparkle on the sophisticated side of sexy.
Dress:On budget (Try this) /Splurge 🙁Here)


You  can’t go wrong this festive period with a sequins jacket and it is always smart to pair it with a black bottom like in this case,with a midi skirt.Making the whole outfit simple yet stands out.


After eating,no one wants to be stuck in tight clothes,so time to switch it up for something lose and cosy. This look is perfect if you are at home and spending time with your family and friends.Or if you just want to be able to conceal all that food …In peace.

christmas-ootd1And lastly,This one is perfect for churchgoer,or if you are invited for dinner especially the ethic prints that scream “Afro chic”…To bring out the undertones , I paired it with these red stilettos and the trench coat.

Hope I gave you some ideas and please share with me what you will be wearing during this holiday season.