In no particular order, here are the designers who made me appreciate African fashion, even more, this year. I was very much looking forward to the best of Africa Fashion Week 2018. With the Africa Fashion Week London platform becoming the biggest in Europe showcasing over 800 emerging designers & exhibitors, from Africa, Europe, and America, to almost 70,000 visitors and is now a highlight on the annual fashion calendar in London.

 What I like about AFWL, it brings value to designers through, contacts, experience, and knowledge within the fashion community. Where for this year, I got to meet so many friends and just catch up and truthfully I had a blast.



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Graduate Fashion Week
graduate fashion week 2018

Having attended Graduate fashion week last year (Read here) , and being stunned by the level of talent of the graduates, I wondered how I never heard of it.

This year; I fully prepared myself for the long days. Considering the shows were starting at 10 am and finishing at 9 pm. I even had my packed lunch (remember, food first).

Graduate Fashion Week 2018

I went on the 3rd day; and the 4th day which is also the Gala and Awards night where the judges reward the best.

With some of the lifetime Patrons being  VICTORIA BECKHAM, CHRISTOPHER BAILEY

DAME VIVIENNE WESTWOOD…You can imagine the level of creativity and organization surrounding Graduate Fashion Week.
Graduate Fashion Week 2018

On both day I was lucky enough to sit o the front row with all the big names of the industry. Just opposite me was HENRY HOLLAND, HILARY ALEXANDER OBE… Not going to lie: it literally took me back to my days of just dreaming about fashion in Cameroon with no clue of where to start or how even.So, I am forever grateful for these opportunities.

Apart from me mingling with the ‘who is who’ of the fashion industry;There were incredible talents but my favorite of all was Evelyne Babin. That I hope, I will  be working with very soon .

Hilary Alexander Trailblazer Award sponsored by Swarovski

Winner: Evelyne Babin, University for the Creative Arts Epsom 

Runner-up: Aurélie Fontan, Edinburgh College of Art                                                                                          


Although Graduate fashion week is a showcase of all the fashion student work, there were many winners that you can see HERE.  The golden winner was Rebecca Wilson of Arts University Bournemouth for her menswear, women’s wear, and children’s wear collection. With a prize of £10,000 for Rebecca and a £2,000 award to her university,  she will follow in the footsteps of Halina North, of Edinburgh College of Art, who received the award last year, and shortly after winning completed a placement at Marks and Spencer’s.

Graduate Fashion Week 2018

With Grandy , blogger and Ambassador of Boohoo. We ended up hanging out, chatting about  Black Girls Magic and taking countless pictures.Graduate Fashion Week 2018

Graduate Fashion Week 2018

Graduate Fashion Week 2018


London Fashion Week Mens.Happy New year dear readers. Starting the year with nothing less than London Fashion Week Men. That I attended for the first time last week.  I love men garments as they always seem to have classy cuts, durable materials, and neat finishes. Men’s fashion was not a priority of mine so far. But after working with some great clients last year, this fashion week was a perfect way forward refreshing and updating my knowledge of men’s fashion.London Fashion week Men/Modebycece

The shows took place in The Store Studios at 180 Strand which is the hub for activity during London Fashion Week Men’s. The venue houses the main BFC Show Space & Presentation space on the ground floor while the Designer Showrooms including ready-to-wear and accessories & DiscoveryLAB are located on the first floor.London Fashion week Men

After London Fashion Week Mens the shows, we attended an incredible presentation by Drifters. But what I loved the most, was the invitees’ sense of style. Probably one of the most fashionable party and the most creative crowd I have met under one roof so far.

London Fashion week Men/Modebycece

  What I loved about her, was everything from her entry to her outfit and her allure.Literally, this look, made me fall in love with fashion and creativity all over again. I mean that latex Kimono is just genius, those micro glasses, the red satin boots, the faux fur and that corset ohh!! She gave me life as they will say on Instagram.
London Fashion week Men

If I had this white puffer jacket, I would be able to go through this winter without complaint. I absolutelya\ loved her 90’s vibes. I will link some similar below

London Fashion week Men/Modebycece

London Fashion week Mens

Watch my latest Vlog HERE.


THE LONDON FASHION WEEK is a yearly event that is always full of excitement and new discoveries. This year I was invited to AFRICAN FASHION WEEK LONDON which showcases  the best in the world of African fashion.  It is always a unique opportunity to discover new and upcoming designers and African talents defying conventional fashion wisdom with their collections and new trends.

 Here is my review for your intellectual and dissecting pleasure.As AFRICAN FASHION WEEK LONDON is really growing and is now the biggest platform of creativity and African fashion portmanteau in the Europe.

SOBOYE’s debut showing at Africa Fashion Week London.

Samson Soboye creative  director,designer and fashion stylist behind the brand SOBOYE  is a Central Saint Martin graduate and an assoiate lecturer at the pretigious London College of fashion.Who has been running his luxirious boutique in Shoredish since 2012. Selling and curating the best African inspired Fashion & Lifestyle Design sourced from 15 African countries.which celebrates and showcases the best in African Design.


 SOBOYE showcased their BLUE collection on the AFWL 2016 runway.This collection of Men’s & Women’s clothing was inspired by the color blue…

As himself describes it:Blue is tranquil, calming and moody. The color of the mighty sea and the expansive sky, it evokes the excited feeling of cruise travel and far off horizons.Apart from being a great base color SOBOYE considered Indigo and it’s many hues as the starting point to build a directional collection.Light and dark Denim is used liberally and mixed with African Print to add punch to a sharp collection of tailoring and separates. Ankara is used to trim Jackets and Trousers whilst full print shirts punctuate the collection.soboye-joannamitroiphotography0315 soboye-joannamitroiphotography0268 soboye-joannamitroiphotography0336img_4993img_4978Soboye

In the collection we had some jackets inspired from the 70’s safari look and also some sporty and arty jumpers.

Following on from the successful ‘Afro Dandy’s’ collection SOBOYE trail-blazes with their modern take on design and fuses their Nigerian heritage with their British upbringing.

Samson SOBOYE uses The Ankara in most of his designs.Ankara which is a Fabric commonly known as “African Prints”,”African Wax Prints” “Holland Wax” and “Dutch Wax” ,  is a 100% cotton fabric with vibrant patterns.
It is usually a colorful cloth and is primarily associated with Africa because of its tribal-like patterns and motifs.

SOBOYE by his designs aim to introduce the Ankara fashion in our daily wear hence why some of his suits will look westernize on the outside but have very strong African patters or hints on the detailed parts …on some essential as the collar,the cuff or the reverse…He is is turning the Ankara fabric from the occasional wear as we have been ac-costume to only for events such as weddings or tradional event but turning it into a more international market and bigger platforms.No more for the exclusive domestic market.But turning the African fashion into a more viable and special luxurious market…

His designs are made to very high standard where french seams is mainly used for the finish.Also work with designers based in India who help with embroidery of each special pieces.

 Reputable Fashion Stylist and associated lecturer at the School of Art since 2005 teaching on the BA and MA courses in Fashion specializing in Fashion Imaging., Samson has spearheaded the way in London for the love and appreciation of high-end African designed and manufactured products and is the go-to boutique with prices ranging from £20 for a seasonal scarf or £500 for a suit.He is the go to stylist for many celebrities and as well as discerning clientele.Having shown at Lagos Design & Fashion Week 2014/15 and Mercedes-Benz.

soboye fullsizerender-15


fullsizerender-9 fullsizerender-10 soboye (online boutique) (styling portfolio)
    Instagram: soboye_fashion
    Facebook (Boutique): S O B O Y E
    Facebook (Styling): Samson Soboye
    Twitter: @samsonsoboye
Blue Collection shot by