This year again, I attended Africa Fashion Week London which is a global platform for African inspired designers.Having  showcased over 850 emerging designers & exhibitors, from Africa, Europe and America

When I started attending, a few years back, it was mostly for entertainment purposes but now that my styling work is getting more and more established:

I am attending Africa Fashion Week for:

  1. Meet and catch up with my fashion friends
  2. See what’s trendy or will be trending
  3. Discover and connect with new designers
  4. Do research for my next big write up
  5. Get more designs for my future lookbooks.
  6. Or simply network with the “who is who in the industry”


On the picture above, actually featured on their newsletter (below) was the situation of catch up

Africa Fashion Week London

For my outfit, I opted for a mustard pair of shorts that I first wore in this lookbook on my youtube.Then I matched it with a golden silk top that has an easy glam feel to it.Then complimented with perplex heels boot, massive choker and bangles were definitely on the menu too.

Watch the live backstage video  HERE

And feel free to shop the look here or similar below.

Africa Fashion Week London

Africa Fashion Week London

Africa Fashion Week London

If you missed the live shows this year.Catch all the looks here:


Summer wedding outfit
 I had the pleasure to slightly stressed about what was going to be my Sumer Wedding outfit again this year.Throw back to last year, what stroked me then, was how everyone was so concerned about the color and the style palette they were going to wear.To the point, one of my friends who was also an invitee to the wedding, spend the night before the wedding at the tailor’s studio, because the dress she decided to wear was not fully sewn up to her standard.
When it comes to looks and styles, especially for Summer weddings, Most women tend to opt for a flowery, sparkly dressing.With quite delicate colors. Pale and creamy colors are also quite popular. Oddly, last year I noticed a lot of black, to my big surprise actually, because I didn’t’ even know wearing black to a wedding was allowed…I personally know I couldn’t, especially for a day time Summer wedding.
Fast forward, for last weekend wedding, I was determined to stay away from the wedding trends I noticed so far.But here was the dilemma: I didn’t want anything sexy nor anything too tight or too short.I wanted comfort, prints, and colors.So when I stumbled upon this skirt while shopping, I knew it was the one.Though a very casual skirt, I had to find a way to make it look like I was actually attending a wedding/ glamorous event and not just a day out with the girls.
Summer Wedding Outfit
Finding an appropriate top was the challenging part because every other shirt just made it look even more casual.Until I found this printed blouse.
So Here was the final look where Oasis dots skirt met blue sky prints blouse from Warehouse with the beloved golden Prada shoes. Comfort was a 10/10 and we danced happily ever all night.
Ps: Please share with me what are your go to wedding outfits for different seasons.

By the way, I vlogged throughout that day, so please subscribe to my Youtube channel to be notified when I upload the video.

Summer Wedding Outfit

For and collaboration, Check my Fashion Styling Portfolio.Here



Yesterday, I attended Graduate Fashion Week. As always , I was very excited to discover new talents. But earlier, I had a meeting to attend; so a comfortable outfit and shoes were a must! I opted for a fresh pop art-Afro chic girl look…If that is even a thing, oh well! An oversize white T-shirt with flower and camera prints matched with a splashed paint cropped trouser.The perfect shoes had to be those squared heels gladiator flats.

I opted for a fresh pop art- Afro girl look…If that is even a thing, oh well! An oversize white T-shirt with flower and camera prints matched with a splashed paint cropped trouser.The perfect shoes had to be those squared heels gladiator flats.To show the cute details.

Anyway, Graduate Fashion is actually a charity organisation founded 26 years ago by Jeff Banks CBE, Vanessa Denza MBE and John Walford to unify both UK and International universities and create a stronghold for the creative industries.

During that week,  over 1,000 of the very best students and graduates from the most influential and inspiring universities around the world are showcased.Attracting 30,000 guests each June, the annual event features 22 catwalk shows, exhibitions from over 40 universities.

Graduate Fashion Week help bridges the gap between graduation and employment and is responsible for launching the careers of some very successful designers of our time including Christopher Bailey MBE, who was the winner of the first ever Graduate Fashion Week Gold Award, Stella McCartney, Giles Deacon, Matthew Williamson and Julien Macdonald.


Spring fashion/Floral for Spring

Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking!!If you have watched the devil wears Prada, you know…

Ever wonder why florals are so popular for Spring?This fashion dates way back to the Egyptian period.Real flowers were used in garlands or worn as a single flower or leaf.

It is thought that the first floral printed fabrics originated from the East. The Greeks also used flowers for adornment and in the Roman Period, floral inspiration was worked into royal crowns. Later on, to have been able to wear these fabrics was a status symbol.

One of the most famous floral fabrics, chintz, has its origins in India (handmade in the country from between 1600 and 1800). Chintz, a glazed cotton cloth printed with tiny, multicoloured floral motifs, was exported to Europe via Dutch and British merchants during this era.With ornate designs sold to Europeans at very high prices as initially, the British could not figure out how to copy the expensive chintzes, so, in 1680 the fabric was banned from import. Over time, European manufacturers began to copy these fabrics to suit European tastes at a cheaper price, and the rest is history!

Talking of prints, I wore this outfit for a meeting and later for lunch with friends.The grid blazer was added to the shift dress, to create a contrasting and dramatic effect to what would have otherwise been just a pretty prints dress.

In conclusion, the floral fabrics continue to be an important aspect of fashion, from the blooming all over summer shirts, to the bright and bold prints splashed across a chic DVF wrap dress. This versatile motif is here to stay, and we can definitely count on designers to reinvent this iconic part of fashion every other season.

Below is my selection of floral dresses.Happy shopping!!


Spring fashion/Floral for Spring Spring fashion/Floral for Spring Spring fashion/Floral for Spring Spring fashion/Floral for Spring Spring fashion/Floral for Spring Spring fashion/Floral for Spring Spring fashion/Floral for Spring