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Graduate Fashion Week
graduate fashion week 2018

Having attended Graduate fashion week last year (Read here) , and being stunned by the level of talent of the graduates, I wondered how I never heard of it.

This year; I fully prepared myself for the long days. Considering the shows were starting at 10 am and finishing at 9 pm. I even had my packed lunch (remember, food first).

Graduate Fashion Week 2018

I went on the 3rd day; and the 4th day which is also the Gala and Awards night where the judges reward the best.

With some of the lifetime Patrons being   VICTORIA BECKHAM, CHRISTOPHER BAILEY

DAME VIVIENNE WESTWOOD…You can imagine the level of creativity and organization surrounding Graduate Fashion Week.
Graduate Fashion Week 2018

On both day I was lucky enough to sit o the front row with all the big names of the industry. Just opposite me was HENRY HOLLAND, HILARY ALEXANDER OBE… Not going to lie: it literally took me back to my days of just dreaming about fashion in Cameroon with no clue of where to start or how even.So, I am forever grateful for these opportunities.

Apart from me mingling with the ‘who is who’ of the fashion industry;There were incredible talents but my favorite of all was Evelyne Babin. That I hope, I will  be working with very soon .

Hilary Alexander Trailblazer Award sponsored by Swarovski

Winner: Evelyne Babin, University for the Creative Arts Epsom 

Runner-up: Aurélie Fontan, Edinburgh College of Art                                                                                          


Although Graduate fashion week is a showcase of all the fashion student work, there were many winners that you can see HERE.  The golden winner was Rebecca Wilson of Arts University Bournemouth for her menswear, women’s wear, and children’s wear collection. With a prize of £10,000 for Rebecca and a £2,000 award to her university,  she will follow in the footsteps of Halina North, of Edinburgh College of Art, who received the award last year, and shortly after winning completed a placement at Marks and Spencer’s.

Graduate Fashion Week 2018

With Grandy , blogger and Ambassador of Boohoo. We ended up hanging out, chatting about  Black Girls Magic and taking countless pictures.Graduate Fashion Week 2018

Graduate Fashion Week 2018

Graduate Fashion Week 2018


At mary's giving with the rural retail

Last weekend I had the pleasure to be invited by Vicky Ngari Wilson to do a live style session for the rural retail challenge ‘ local to global‘ evening for the rural retail challenge at Mary’s giving and  Living in Kew  Gardens (Nonprofit organization by Mary Portas).

The Rural Retail Challenge which is an organization that calls fashion, Art, and Luxury to include the stories, sustainable techniques, and craftsmanship of native people in design from the local communities to the global platforms.

For my styling session on the day, I was so nervous as it was the first time I talked publicly about Afrochic and what it stands for to a crowd of about 30 people. But it went well and was able to catch some snippets here Instagram.

By the way, I am on my way to be the pioneer of that lifestyle and fashion word: Afrochic. Watch this space!!

I styled 2 printed looks that you can also catch in the video here Instagram.Ps: if you feel down at any given point, wear a yellow dress. It will cheer you right up. Shop below

Pictures courtesy

Valentina Vacó
M. 07504248690

Styling session At mary's giving with the rural retail


Styling session At mary's giving with the rural retail

Styling session At mary's giving with the rural retail




The New Athleisure

This track sweatshirt is probably the most ‘in your face’ item I own in term of athleisure.The new athleisure if you aren’t familiar with the term, is when fashion clothing designed for workouts and other athletic activities are worn in other settings, such as at the workplace, school, or at other casual or social occasions.

 Athleisure outfits are yoga pants, leggings, and shorts, that “look like athletic wear” and are characterized as fashionable.

And about the Brazilian colors, it all happened when I stumbled on IZA through the popular page of Instagram. IZA is a Brazilian R’n’B singer, that I’m currently very inspired by, I find her beautiful. And her energy and style in her videos, especially this one (Here)  make me want to wear the most daring clothes I own.

Until then, here is what I came up with, plus the Koba Siania skirt. Remember when I had the pleasure to interview here and style her creations?





Spring has sprung in fashion

Spring has Sprung … Finally and it definitely puts most of us in a better mood.
And with better weather, comes busier times for me. On the bright side, one of my favorite editorial I have worked on was recently published in the virtuogenix magazine and so much more work in the lined pipe.So cheers to that!!
 I wore this outfit for a picking from a PR in East London and if you follow me on Instagram you will notice I have worn the life out this skirt( similar Here), the fitting is simply perfect and I can’t get over the jacquard fabric it’s made of.Plus my pair of converse (Here) were at the party for the very long day I had.
Below are linked printed skirts and shirts, if you fancy some statements clothing this Spring.


Spring has sprung in fashion Spring has sprung in fashion Spring has sprung in fashion Spring has sprung in fashion Spring has sprung in fashion Spring has sprung in fashion Spring has sprung in fashion Spring has sprung in fashion