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Notting Hill Portobello Road

Hi everyone. I have not been this excited about writing a post in a while. Summer in London hasn’t been the best, so when it was nice and warm last weekend, I couldn’t help but get ready and go on my touristic journey around London.

Being much in need of inspiration, I decided to go to Notting Hill gate market. It’s probably one of the most iconic place in London and it even has a film named after it, so if you are a sucker for romantic movies like me and have not watched ‘Notting Hill’, please go and do so!

Notting Hill Portobello Market

London has many cool markets,pubs and parks. But Notting Hill has to be one of my favorite spot. Situated just few minutes away from Portobello road market, that I absolutely love, you can be sure to find beautiful vintage pieces every time you visit.The stalls are always full of stylish gems and even some unique high end designers items can be found.

Whether you are looking for an authentic vintage Chanel bag or a 70’s Balenciaga sapphire pair of earrings, or even some of the rarest Yves Saint Laurent brooches or rings, well you might just find your  luck in the shops of Portobello road market.

Notting Hill

After deciding where I was going, I had to dress accordingly. I wanted to match the colourful and cool surroundings of Portobello market especially as it was sunny.

I wore this red stripes skirt and matched it with an Aztec prints tank top plus the oversize jacket. And nothing screams cool like adding some converse trainers to an outfit.

Notting Hill Portobello Market Afro blogger London stylist

I remember visiting Portobello road for the first time, I was so in awe of the colours, the cute corner coffee shops and the romantic restaurants on Sundays afternoon. I just always have this sense of belonging every time  I visit. A feeling that the place has your name written all over it. Maybe they should rename it “Cecile’s Place”…Aha,I like to dream!! Well that feeling has not changed. I’m still as in love as the first time.

I am always in search of new places and spots to visit, so I would like to know which ones are your favorites and why? Which places scream ‘home’ or ‘belonging’ to you? I would really appreciate if you leave your comments below. I love reading them.x

Notting Hill Portobello RoadNoting Hill7Notting Hill



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