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Paris Fashion Week with Esimbi Magazine:
Paris Fashion Week

I attended my first Paris Fashion Week with ESIMBI magazine in October as the main fashion Editor.

Since the past few months have been some of the busiest of my life; I had little to no time to prepare a proper wardrobe for Paris fashion week.

To top it all, just the day before I traveled to Paris, I held my first Pop in North London. And If you are wondering…What pop up I am talking about, I will let you in.

For the past year, I have been working on a project that I can’t wait to reveal soon. And this project has been one of the reasons for my multiple trips this year.

Paris Fashion Week

(With the designer of the brand Super Yaya)

I spend PFW with Tina Lobondi, who is the Editor in chief of Esimbi Magazine. Therefore, we had a whole schedule of fashion shows and showroom visits planned.

Starting with a visit at the Ivy & Oak showroom where we found the perfect coat. (See here). And I fell in love with beautiful pieces and cuts all over again.

Then, the second stop was The MARTIN GRANT showroom (pictures below). Apart from it being one the most beautiful showroom I have ever visited, the pieces were just amazing. Check their jacket HERE



But just before we get to the Martin Grant showroom, We stopped by SUPER YAYA. And I am ashamed to say: It was my first time hearing of her brand. But I am also, happy to say her pieces are absolutely one a kind and I can’t wait to wear them. 

When I launch the(special) project mentioned above, I hope it will all make sense.

Finally, the PAUL & JOE fashion show which we end up missing because of the most annoying thing I have always hated during fashion weeks. Not, only did they made us queue for a whie, they later announce the room was at its full capacity!! The nerve of those organizations!!

Honestly, it was one of the most disorganized mess, I have seen in a long time… (Cool Paris, I guess.)

So below, I will share a few tips on how to avoid this type of situations, if you are ever attending fashion shows outside your town:

A few advice I will give if you are ever attending  shows in Paris during the fashion week season are:

  • Eat, pray, love… Just kidding! Make sure you check your invitation or ticket to see if you are going to be seated or no.

This might seem like a minor detail: but for popular shows; you do not want to e queuing for 30 minutes to later be turned away. With the excuse of ” Sorry, there is no more space to fit everyone”. As,  unfortunately, the fashion industry is very elite.

  • Have a pair of comfortable shoes to change into

When getting dress for a show, wearing your latest and sexiest pair of heels might seem like a good idea. I mean, if you are being driven around, that’s probably fine. But if you are going to attend more than one show, please have a pair of flats or some stylish trainers to change into.

  • Have your business cards ready hand and network! Network! Network!

I am an entrepreneur, so I see networking as a way of meeting and creating new business opportunities, be it for my styling jobs or the magazines I work with. And, I can confidently say that networking has become second nature and has opened many doors for me.

Remember:  It is always about learning from others. So, just don’t take other people’s cards, make sure you actually keep in touch  and find a way to collaborate with your new connections.


This year, I attended my first Afro Hair and Beauty Live London.

One will think: with me wearing Afro hair, I will be all over these type of events.

The truth is: Yes, I like my hair Afro or any other Afro hairstyle; but I am just not a hair girl. I do a hairstyle I like, I stick to it. Or I use a good product, I stick to it. I am much more adventurous with fashion and jewelry.

Afro hair and beauty live

(Shop my look or similar below)


So, I was pleased to be invited by the organizer of the show I met earlier that month at the Screen Nation Awards. As it meant, time or me to discover new products.

The event spammed over 2 days, but I only attended the first day.

The Afro Hair and Beauty Live London had: The fashion & Lifestyle exhibitors section

Among which I had the pleasure to catch up with many brands I have worked with before.

The area was a buzz with a mix of upcoming and established designers displaying their latest collections. So, if one visitor was looking for unique pieces and accessories, it was the perfect place.

I also met up with Tahlia Gray, creator of SheerChemistryWith who I have also worked with in the past on her brand commercial.

She is just everything Afrochic stands for. Then, top it off, I got offered 2 pairs of Sheer Chemistry tights. Can’t wait to wear them soon.

Afro hair and beauty live

(With Tahlia Gray of Sheer Chemistry. She is wearing her tights )

Stage Show and Competition

There were two fashion shows each day from established and upcoming designers. And the designers showcasing also had exclusive pieces, available to purchase on their stalls in the fashion area.

Then, I met with Diana Dahlia, a radio personality I recently co-hosted  Happy Days, a radio show on Behind The groove Radio. ( Listen HERE) 

Some of you might have had a peek on my Instagram, But your girl  A.K.A me has been doing radio too. Woohoo!!!

Below with Irene Shelly, Editor-In-Chief of Black Beauty Magazine.

Afro hair and beauty live

So, apart from meeting all these great ladies. I also discovered new brands which I will be sharing with you.

So, if you have never been to the Afro Hair and Beauty Live in London, give it a try next year and feel free to email or share your experience with me.x


They say:  if your dreams don’t scare you, then you aren’t dreaming big enough.

Well, my dream life since Cameroon has always been the’ UGLY BETTY‘ type of lifestyle. With me being Betty, but with a Wilhemina confidence and style.

So, for the past few years, and at this stage of my life, I can say with confidence, I am living the dream! My Dream! 

It is not always pink or glamorous but I am happy to create a life that challenges me to be my best. I came, I saw, I am conquering; one magzine at a time.

All this to say, I made it to the SPRING/SUMMER issue of Stylist magazine.

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Imagine buying a designer’s pair of shoes and also having £500 worth of Uber credit that comes with it. Just the case the Charlotte Olympia Sandal and Uber collaboration. Only 14 pairs were made and exclusively sold at  Harvey Nichols.

I attended the new designers’ floor opening at Harvey Nichols recently. Where they now stock all the classic brands: Loewe, McQueen, Chloe, Jimmy Choo,  Alexander Wang Etc…

It also gave me the opportunity to see all the latest collections.  In particularly Charlotte Olympia new collection. I am a big fan of her shoes. They are fun, funky, full full of character and sass.

But her perrfect10 brass caged heel, designed exclusively for the 10 years anniversary of the brand. View Post