So 80’s


This is probably a very corny  tittle ‘pretty woman’ who calls them self that? Especially nowadays?Where people are more like chick,bad b*tch…to name few.But I will never call myself any of the later, because I just was not brought up to call myself other thing than woman.

Anyway, my style is a huge mix of the 90’s trends with an Afrochic modern twist.So when I put this outfit together for some cinematic reasons the movie ‘Pretty woman’ came to my mind.If you have watched it,Julia Robert is just this over the top sexy woman in her own way…I am no Julia Roberts but this outfit was inspired by Pretty woman,the movie.Let me know what you think.

Top;Vintage /Jeans; MIH(here) /Shoes;H&M;old season (try this)

pretty-woman2 pretty-woman3 pretty-woman4 pretty-woman5 pretty-woman6 pretty-woman1